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IMS Vented Gas Cap IMS Vented Gas Cap DareDevil - Houston, TX, USA this is the best purchase you can make "i think this is the best thing to buy or just the website period is the best place to go, because all the shops and dealerships around me want to charge a arm and a leg for little stuff. and on Motorsports everything is for sale at a reasonable price, and I love it!!!!!!!!!"
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IMS Vented Gas Cap IMS Vented Gas Cap JimC - Long Beach, CA, USA Solved one of my problems completely "I ordered a new gas tank and I didn't know it came with a new gas cap. I asked but thy didn't know at the time. So since the Honda cap I had had all the rubber come off and dropped into my tank, I knew I didn't want to get another Honda cap. This was the second time this happened so the new cap from IMS was vented differently by not having all that rubber vent, I wanted to be sure to use that one. The new tank did come with a new cap so I now have an extra for me or someone else. It was not very expensive. I have four other bikes in my family so I might need it for another bike sometime. I was told that the ethanol was the cause of the rubber deteriorating."
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