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Bell MX-9 Helmet - Barricade Bell MX-9 Helmet - Barricade DanGig - Upstate NY Decent entry level helmet "Helmet is comfortable and fits well. If I wear it for a few hours at a time I start to get a slight headache though. It feels like there's a spot near my ear that is constantly being pushed on. Also, literally the first week I wore it the paint started chipping off the front edge of the visor. Now, half the visor is missing paint as it continues to flake off. Can't say I'd recommend this helmet to a friend but it's not the worst I've had for sure."
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LS2 MX453 Helmet - Gears LS2 MX453 Helmet - Gears Mooneyes - Ellijay, Georgia LS 2 453 Helmet "I have owned a few dual sport and pure off road helmets. After reading the replies from some, I was slightly concern with reports of snug fits with the 453. I am pleased to report that this was not the case with my new LS 2. It not only fits well, but it seems to be quite a bit quieter than the competitors helmets I have tried. It's a light fiberglass shell and I don't think it can be beat for the price."
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