Cycle Country Bearforce Pro Series Plow Combo

Cycle Country Bearforce Pro Series Plow Combo
Cycle Country Bearforce Pro Series Plow Combo

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The Cycle Country BearForce Pro Series Plow Combo includes:

Cycle Country BearForce Pro Series Plow Blade:

Larger ATVs and Side by Sides are providing significantly greater opportunities for commercial plowing. Cycle Country's new BearForce Pro Series blades are designed to provide comparable plowing performance to that of large truck plows, but at a greatly reduced cost.

  • 21" tall and 6" deep radius profile eliminates snow build up.
  • Perimeter gussets box in plow for optimal strength.
  • Rugged blade construction for commercial-grade strength.
  • Built-in top accessory bar for plow lights, flaps and edge markers.

Cycle Country Standard Under-Chassis Push Tube:

  • Built of heavy-duty, V-style 1.5" steel tubing.
  • Designed with maximum strength by triangulating the tubes.
  • 3" longer frame for added vehicle clearance and lift.
  • 5-position blade angle adjustment.
  • Four-way cutting edge adjustment.
  • Quick-pin attachment.
  • Reversible pistol grip manual angle adjuster to clear winch cable.

Cycle Country Plow Mount Kit:

  • Bracket mounts under chassis of your ATV.
  • ATV connecting point for push tube and blade system.
  • The only part of the plow system that remains on the ATV when the plow is detached.
  • Bracket is specific to a vehicle make, model, and year.
  • Photo is only representative of Mount Kit and may not be the exact bracket for your vehicle.

Cycle Country Manual Lift System:

  • You'll get at least 5.5" of plow lift with as little as 25 pounds (13 kg) of force.
  • Works universally for most ATVs.
  • To ensure safe operation, the blade locks in full up position.
  • Comes off as part of push tube assembly; so, when you're trail riding, the equipment is not in your way.

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