Pirelli MT43 Pro Trial Rear Tire

Pirelli MT43 Pro Trial Rear Tire
Pirelli MT43 Pro Trial Rear Tire

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Description Item #PIR001E

Please note: Tire sizes vary by ride, please check your current tire and wheel sizes before placing the order. If you have any questions, please call Customer Service at 1-888-676-8853.

A tire for use on trial bikes but also suitable for road use.

  • Reinforced carcass to provide high resistance combined with a long life.
  • Specific construction capable of reducing deformation during use ensuring the maximum contact area in all road surface conditions.
  • High performance on hard, dry and damp surfaces, plus excellent for indoor competition use.
  • Very resistant x-ply carcass: Maximization of the contact area - traction and adaptability to all surfaces.
  • Compound optimized for use on dry and wet surfaces: Adherence and grip on all surfaces - great reliability and versatility of use.
  • DOT approved.

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5 Reviews
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Thx motosport fast shipping

Pirelli MT43 Pro Trial Rear Tire
what can i say its a sweet tire

Verified Purchaser
Foresthill, CA, USA
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Time for a Change

I've been DB for 20 years. I ran knobs forever. I decided to try the MT43 after talking to a few other riders a few years ago. I've run nothing else on my rear tire for 3 plus years.
What I found. Its DOT (street legal.) When its slippery, everyone in the group is sliding. Doesn't matter what your running. The only downfall I found is cornering without a brim. No brim, it doesn't hookup like a knobby will. You need to change your riding style a little. How? I changed to a trails to be more trail friendly. Face it now or later, things are changing. So, instead of accelerating out of corners and locking the rear tire into corners, I've smoothed my throttle control out. The tire is great for technical stuff. Wet technical stuff. It lasts pretty long. I'm a B rider. 54 years old. I'm still moving pretty fast and can sometimes stay up with my faster friends. But its not because of the tire. Its a really good tire and pretty much the only rear tire I run. Oh ya, it worked ok in sand. I don't like sand or ride in the desert, so its not a issue for me. But I suspect, a good knobby will serve riders better in deep sand.

Sandy, UT, USA
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Great Tire

I put over 1500 miles on my last tire and didn't chunk a bit, while my friends knobbies were torn to shreds in a couple hundred miles.(they are all switching to the MT43). By far the best bet for a DOT desert tire in my opinion. It doesn't like to powerslide, so if you like to steer with the rear wheel maybe it is not for you. We ride a variety of terrain from slickrock, sand, sharp rock, and clay and it grips like Velcro in everything but bottomless sand. (a paddle is about the only thing that works in that)

Harvard, ID 83834, USA
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Has its pro's and cons

I have this tire on my 200 exc and it worked great for awhile. I ride in Idaho where it is dry and rocky with a lot of hard pack. When I hit mud and deep loose dirt I struggled a lot. It wouldn't connect. After a few hours on it the tire went flat on me so I am not all to impressed so far. Currently looking into an mx51 rear tire instead.

SW Missouri
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Faulty batch?

Just put on my Perelli MT43. After 2 rides, totaling 90 miles, the center knobs started to peel off an outer 1/8 " layer revealing a short round nub. This hasn't happened with my previous MT43s. Maybe they changed the rubber compound, manufacturing process or it was just from a bad batch. What ever the case, I'll be looking at other brands the next time I buy.

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Q: How many ply is this tire?
1 year 10 months ago
Top 1 Contributor
1 year 10 months ago
A: Pirelli does not have a ply rating on their MT43 tire. They list the feature as: Very resistant X-ply carcass
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