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Vortex LED Integrated Tail Light Vortex LED Integrated Tail Light SFNegro - Vortex tail lights "This product came with no instructions, with no tools, not even with the double-sided tape, it's a well-made product and it looks good but the extra hassle not sure if it was worth the time or the money. you definitely have to be handy and know a little bit about electricity if not you're going to have to pay a lot of money to have an install luckily I knew how to install it."
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Rumble Concept Integrated LED Tail Light Kit Rumble Concept Integrated LED Tail Light Kit DLeB - Boston, MA, USA Clean and Mean "Great fit and for my '05 cbr600RR. The smoked lens looks great tucked under the tail. First one was shipped damaged but Motosport replaced it without question. Great customer service. Wiring was simplistic and took some trial and error to ensure lighting was correct. Spliced stock wires and clips for easy removal of tail. No wiring diagrams are provided but truly not necessary."
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About Motorcycle Brake Lights

Don't be left in the dark with poor or worn out brake lights on your motorcycle. Get yourself and your motorcycle seen with our selection of tail lights that combine the brake lights and turn signals in one clean piece. Here at MotoSport we stock brake lights for your motorcycle from brands like popular Lockhart Phillips. Combining your motorcycle's brake light and turn signals give you the ability to add a trick motorcycle fender eliminator for a true custom look.

Upgrading your tail lights and brake lights makes a major improvement during the day and at night. Adding LED brake lights makes an even bigger difference. LED lights create a brighter, more concentrated range of light while only drawing a fraction of the energy. The result of using LED's in place of a condesent bulb as the brake light is a brighter and more easily seen. Many of the upgraded brake and tail lights will feature built in turn signals as well. The LED turn signals in the brake lights cause a rapid flash when installed without a resistor due to the fact that they draw much less energy compared to stock, but can be fixed with a relay like the Lockhart Phillips LED Turn Signal Flasher Relay. An additional benefit of LED brake lights is the extended life of the lights.

Getting your tail lights upgraded is only the start. Our large selection of motorcycle bulbs gives you the option of totally tricking out your motorcycle with the Yana Shiki HID headlights or find OEM bulbs for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki OR Yamaha.