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ICON Airmada Helmet - Bioskull ICON Airmada Helmet - Bioskull dhazardous - Portland, OR ICON Airmada Helmet - Bioskull "The Airmada is Icons best helmet in my opinion, lots of breathability when needed, and seals up when you don't. Not to mention all the great design options. The Bioskull specifically is super rad with the oil chrome gloss finish. The sizing is pretty spot on, I ordered a small at first and couldn't get in on, but it was exchanged for free, and the medium fits really snug."
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ICON Fog Free Proshield ICON Fog Free Proshield TorriO - Icon Fog Free Proshield Review "I ordered this product because my old shield was very scratched up and was impossible to see out of on the chilly morning rides. This new shield has worked great. It was easy to install and instantly improved my visibility compared to my old shield. However, it is not fog proof. It does a better job than the standard shield that comes with an Icon Alliance GT helmet, but you will still lightly fog over on those chilly mornings."
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