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ICON Stronghold Backpack ICON Stronghold Backpack Kawi - Portland, OR, USA pockets yep this backpack has lots of them "I have a Klim crew pack and I like this backpack better then my Klim for the single track trails. Fits well over my coat and chest protector. Only gave it a 3 star on the durability because I have only had it for a few months. looks to be built very well but time will tell. I would recommend this backpack ."
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ICON Alliance GT Helmet - Rubatone ICON Alliance GT Helmet - Rubatone Joey - Perfect helmet "You really get a lot for $200 with this helmet. It fits great, is easy to dissemble and clean, and with the flip down sun-visor with normal clear visor makes for one awesome combo. Never have to worry about carrying a tinted and clear visor. has normal double ring strap. sits high on the back of the neck which I think feels much better for long rides. The tinted flip down visor comes down far enough so it doesn't block your vision like other helmets do, and it is very smooth to actuate. Wonderful helmet highly recommend it and most other Icon products."
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