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GB Racing Front Axle Sliders GB Racing Front Axle Sliders Chuxter - Phoenix, AZ, USA Have not crash tested them "I bought the front axle sliders as a preventative measure to help protect the bike during track events. I have not crash tested them and I hope that I never do, but one never knows. The style is nice and it was easy to install. The instructions were a little misleading, stating to only tighten so that a few threads of the axle slider rod showed, which I brought to the attention of the manufacturer. They vowed to make the instructions better and more accurate. The nuts on each side of the axle are actually to be tightened evenly until everything is flush and snug. Because it was relatively inexpensive, I would buy it again if needed."
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GB Racing No Mod Frame Slider Kit GB Racing No Mod Frame Slider Kit SDRider - Product is great, service is not. "First off the GB Racing sliders upper and lower are a great set of kit. However the original shipment took two weeks to arrive, no problem since they didn't have them in stock and had to order them. However my package was missing the top slider pucks, I had to call and wait two more weeks to get those. All in all I had to wait 28 days to get the correct parts. Pretty disappointing, I'll think twice about ordering parts from Motosport in the future."
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