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G2 Ergonomics Tamer Throttle Tube G2 Ergonomics Tamer Throttle Tube Theo - Winter Haven, FL, USA 2014 CBR1000rr "This throttle is high quality unlike the plastic garbage the bike came with it works great. The power is so much smother. Its hard to explain but the first quarter turn has less throttle so it's not so jurky. In between gears you can blip the throttle without the rpms jumping up to much. It's not what you want for the track or if your a wheelie freak. But around town and in traffic its so much better. Word to the wise if your not a mechanic don't try to change this on your own because it's very hard. The airbox has to come out and its not easy. Im a mechanic and it was very difficult."
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G2 Ergonomics Tamer Throttle Tube G2 Ergonomics Tamer Throttle Tube JonStrom - Sacramento, CA Cautionary note "I haven't installed this product yet and that's the reason for the cautionary note. I have a 2014 Suzuki V-Strom DL1000 Adventure with dealer-installed heated grips. I mention this last bit because it's important. None of the videos on installation show how to deal with heated grips which are glued to the throttle tube. Searched YouTube to no avail. I've been futzing around with it but so far haven't figured out a way to remove them without potentially damaging the wiring. I'm afraid I'll have to take it to the dealership to have it installed at additional cost. Just a word of warning to others with heated grips thinking this is a quick DIY project."
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