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ICON Variant Helmet - Ghost Carbon ICON Variant Helmet - Ghost Carbon rosie - Bremerton, WA, USA Carbon Fiber "this helmet is great overall. true sizing with what feels like more of a generic shape/head fit. I really like the urban/snow cammo on the inside. carbon looks fantastic, its got a matt carbon look to it, no clear resin or just flat carbon. yellow shield is nice but very bright. i ended up also getting a tinted gold mirrored screen instead and that looks amazing on the helmet. easy to change and tool key included. nice packaging as well."
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Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet - Barricade Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet - Barricade brickson98 - Wisconsin, USA Great helmet "This helmet is great! The face shield manages to stay pretty clean (as clean as it can stay going through mud lol) and it's sooo comfy! All my friends have to take off their helmets when we take breaks, but I can leave mine on because it's so comfortable and has such good airflow. It's also pretty hard to fog up in cold weather. I would recommend taking the visor off if you plan to do a lot of street riding, though, as it gets a lot of drag and can cause neck fatigue. If you don't mind that though, you can leave it on. It's not horrible, and I've experienced helmets with way worse visor drag. My only complaint is that the visor is almost useless, and you really have to point your head down for it to block the sun at all early/late in the day. Also, the helmet comes with the hardware for a visor-less setup."
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