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1999 Kawasaki ZX750 - Ninja ZX-7R

HOTCAMS Valve Shim Kit

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Product Description

  • The Hot Cams Valve Shim Kit is a must for any motorcycle to keep it running at full power.
  • The Hot cams Valve Shim Kit includes 3 shims for each size ranging from 1.20 thru 3.50 in .05 increments.
  • Hot Cams includes an labeled organizer to ensure accurate shim replacement.
  • Note: 250CC 4-strokes use 7.48 OD shims, 400CC + 4-strokes use 9.48 OD shims, and KTM's use 10 or 8.9 OD shims.
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Ease of Installation
Verified Purchaser
Location: CT
Why wouldn't you buy this?

Its a bunch of valves shims, never have to order shims again. It's a no-brainer.

Ease of Installation
Verified Purchaser
Location: Long Island, New York, USA

Nice kit to have in the toolbox.

Ease of Installation
Verified Purchaser
Location: South Texas
Well Worth The Money

The KTM HotCams valve shims are well worth the money compared to the cost of KTM OEM shims. You only get one box of shims with this purchase as compared to the regular 250 & 450 shims. That is only due to the fact that there is less shim tolerance than other brands of motorcycles. Still a great purchase. Thanks Motosport

Ease of Installation
Verified Purchaser
Location: quart hill ca
A must have product

If you ride a four stroke this is a must have.If you buy the shim kit you save alot of money and time.thank you motosport you rock

Ease of Installation
Verified Purchaser
Great product

Can't really ask for much more. They work how they're suppose to and come in a nice case to keep everything organized

Ease of Installation
Verified Purchaser
Location: Tuscaloosa, AL
It's a shim kit.

It's a shim kit, includes 3 shims of each size which should be plenty for a single cylinder motor. Sometimes I have a head that uses the same size in two places but never have needed 3 of one size. Some of the shims have a coating on them, it looks to me like cutting fluid or a quick dry coating to keep the shims from corroding. Whatever it is make sure the shim is clean and I measure the shims at installation, I have gotten shims at times that measure different than the marking. The single case organizes the shims well and keeps them clean.

Ease of Installation
Verified Purchaser
Location: New Holland, pa
Very nice Kit!

I used to go purchase shims individually, but now I have the whole kit! It is great to be able to shim my valves at midnight and not have to wait until the next day to buy 1 shim at a time from the local shop. As always, shipping is quick! Thanks!

Ease of Installation
Verified Purchaser

Couldn't figure out why I couldn't get my bike to kick start...Turned out new Shims were the answer!! Thanks!!

Ease of Installation
Verified Purchaser
Location: Merritt Island, FL, USA
Plenty of shims for the money

7.48 shims are used in many different bikes. I used them for a zzr 600. J.W. Merritt Island FL.

Ease of Installation
Verified Purchaser
Location: MI
Sometimes a little slow on the up take...

Life story or review? My CRF450 just stopped (I noticed no gradual decrease in starting efficiency) starting a couple of years ago, and I gave up my favored front, easy access position in the garage and my son's bike took both my prime spot and my time. My boy broke his arm this Spring and our bikes recently swapped positions. Within 3 days of his broken arm these shims were ordered and within a week my bike was again starting and my 2 year hiatus from moto was over. The shims worked great and my bike now starts without issue. I’m way out of shape and ride like an old man, but the shims are great.

1-10 of 74
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tyler 1 month 9 days ago
On the shim caps, does it matter which cap goes where? are they all the same size?
i have an 03 z400 and am in the process of putting the top end back together, i think i might have gotten the shim caps mixed up or buckets ive heard them called, does it matter wich cap came off where if so how do i go about figuring out wich order is correct?
Top 500 Contributor
1 month 9 days ago
It always very important to put the caps or buckets back where they came from or any other part for that matter. Things need togo back for ware purposes. Everything wares differently so its always good to get them back where they belong.Put them back to the best of your knowledge and do the valve clearance. Just for next time put them back where you got them.
1 month 3 days ago
It doesn’t matter, there is slight differences with each cap but their not noticeable. the most significant change is the valve shim itself. also when you’ve adjusted the clearance, you need to always double check the valve clearance again.
MotoSport Staff Expert
22 days ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
It would likely be best to install the caps in the same location they came from but unless there was noticable wear on one of the caps the difference between the caps shouldn't be that significant. As long as your valve clearance is correctly adjusted to spec you should be fine.
mike239mx 1 month 15 days ago Location: ohio
Im trying to find out what size of shims to put in with my hot cams i have 2006 kx450f?
Top 500 Contributor
1 month 15 days ago
You don't know until you put the hot cams in and measure with what shims are in place. Put the cams in tighten down the cam caps take a feeler gage measure. Then write each measurement down. Take the can caps back off take cams out and one at a time get the measure meant off of each shim. If the clearance needs to be .10 to .15mm and you have .17 with the gauge and the shim is a 2.85, to close the gap you put 2.90 that will bring it down to .12. That is within tolerance. The shims go with .05 each shim.
Top 50 Contributor
1 month 15 days ago Location: Tuscaloosa, AL
This is a pretty technical question; one that might be better answered in a more technical forum like But, you will have to install the new cams, check the valve clearance, and then determine the size of the new shims by referring to the service manual. (There is no "standard" size shims.) Good luck!
MotoSport Staff Expert
24 days ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
I really cannot accurately answer that question for you. You would need to check your bikes service manual and then check your valve clearance with the shims you currently have in your bike to figure out what size shim you would need.
Joshw289 2 months ago
Anyone know the stock valve clearance for a 2010 crf250r?
Top 50 Contributor
1 month 28 days ago Location: Tuscaloosa, AL
This isn't really the best place to get advice on specs like that. Try They have forums and knowledgeable riders that can help answer your question.
MotoSport Staff Expert
1 month 28 days ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
I would have to recommend you refer to the service manual for specific Valve Clearance Specifications for your 2010 Honda CRF250R.
taybok Over 9 months ago
Will the 9.48 kit fit a 2006 yamaha r6?
MotoSport Staff
Over 9 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
The 2006 Yamaha R6 will actually use the 7.48 Shims. As long as you profile your bike correctly you will receive the correct shim kit for your R6.
Glenn Over 10 months ago Location: Manchester, NH, USA
2004 Honda CRF450R, installed Kibble/White Stainless Valves and Kibble/White Exh/Intake Spring kit.?
The shims removed from the stock valves were .049" or 1.24mm, the retainer washers on the new Kibble/White valve springs have a deeper cup where the shim sits. What is a good starting point for the new Hot Cam shims with out a lot of assembly and disassembly for valve clearance checks, will the old shim thickness be close with the Kibble/White install height of the new valves?
MotoSport Staff
Over 10 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
Unfortunately there is not set shim to start with when installing new valves. Luckily when installing new valves the clearance itself will be greater than it was with the old valve in there. Start by installing the current shim and measuring your valve clearance. Once you have determined the current clearance, you can do the math to figure out the correct shim to install per each valve, or use a valve shim calculator. By doing this you only have to mock the valvetrain together one time. A good shim calculator can be found here :
crash74 Over 4 years ago
I just reshimed my crf450 with the shim kit. And now it will backfire, but won't start. This was my first solo time shimming the bike
Over 4 years ago Location: Billings, MT
It sounds like you don't have enough clearence, re measure your clearence and make sure you keep the shims that you take out seperated so can measure them to get the right clearence.
Top 50 Contributor Top 100 Contributor
Over 12 months ago Location: Tuscaloosa, AL
Most likely, your timing is off. Pull off the cover and recheck the timing.
Over 10 months ago Location: MI
It sounds like you may be a tooth off on your cam sprocket. I'd double check it.
sweeney90 Over 4 years ago
2010 crf 250 r?
will a kit from a 2007 honda 250 f work with the new 2010 i know it says all 250s but it dose not list the 2010
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 4 years ago Location: USA
You will have to wait awhile as the 2010 just came out and it will take some time for aftermarket companies to tear down the new bike to see what will cross over from previous years, if any.
unkown Over 4 years ago
What if you put a hot cam in rong will the atv start up or will in bog out in like 4th geer?
trx 450r
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 4 years ago Location: Portland, OR
If you installed it wrong, than theirs a good chance the timing is off, so the bike probably won't start or if it does, it won't run properly.
Over 4 years ago Location: Atascadero, CA
I installed my cams incorrectly when I did my top end, i was off 1 tooth, It would barely start and when it started it did not run well, most noticeable on high loads (like in high gears or low RPM to high throttle input).
dowork614 Over 5 years ago
What bikes will this fit?
I know this has been answered, but a friend of mine has the kit for his '05 CRF 250 and I was wondering if the shims would fit on my '06 RMZ 250
MotoSport Staff
Over 4 years ago Location: Por+land
Yes, there are only 2 kits, a 250f kit and a 450f kit so as long as you both have 250f's the shims should be the same.
Over 4 years ago
yes there the same size
Dave450r Over 5 years ago
It says 3 shims for each size. But what if you have 4 valves? then you only have 3 shims of that size. Dont get it?
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 5 years ago
typically your valve clearance will not require you to run 4 of the same shims for each valve. the exhaust valves versus your intake valves will have different clearances, thus using different size shims. you'll have enough shims to get your required clearances, as long as your bike is listed under the selected ride fitment.
Over 3 years ago Location: Brandywine, MD
Theres a million to one chance you will need the same size for all 4 valves.
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