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Polisport Radiator Shroud Set Polisport Radiator Shroud Set 1865 - Good for the money and life expected of them "For the most part they are nice plastics. Had to do a little tweeking to get them on but considering the trees this bike has been stopped by I am not sure if it was the plastics or the bike...... Once on, a 2012 KX250F, the right side comes up over the radiator a little more than I would like and makes the radiator cap a bit of a pain to get to. This bike does the hare scrambles so the life expectancy of any plastic is not to great. So all and all.................. I will get them again next time......."
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Acerbis Radiator Shroud Set Acerbis Radiator Shroud Set Deano - Lockport ny 98yz250 "Good price direct fit,putting new plastics and graphics ones"
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