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Polisport Exura Headlight Polisport Exura Headlight Steele - Las Vegas, Nevada Best light ever "As I raced through the night in one of the mran night races this is what keep me going best light I have ever used!:)"
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Acerbis Vision HP LED Headlight Acerbis Vision HP LED Headlight Josey - Ann Arbor, MI, USA It's flashy and cool, but not much else. "This light functions well and has no obvious flaws. Just keep in mind that it is simply a halogen light, and will perform very similarly to most stock headlights. Also the LEDs on the sides provide absolutely zero usable light. Trust me, i tried in absolute darkness, and they're purely for show. Overall a neat light, but you should go for a true LED if you want a better night riding experience."
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