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Fastway Evolution III Footpegs Fastway Evolution III Footpegs Skydogp - Dewey Very nice "Great product, i love them. Thanks for the awsome deal and taking care of your customers, good job guys!!!"
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Turner Performance Products Billet Aluminum Footpegs Turner Performance Products Billet Aluminum Footpegs BRK828 - York, PA Great peg for price but poor design "I bought a set for my 16' KXF450. I like the peg's for the price and grip but they have a flaw.... There is no stop built into the peg. The goes to far up to the frame mount if you get in a deep rutted turn. If forces the peg against the brake pedal on the right side. I actually have a small bend in the peg from hitting the brake pedal and if I need to replace the tip I cant. No it's not from the kick starter. When this happens on either side the spring is more or less stretched. The spring will not set back into the peg holder that mounts to the frame and the peg is now somewhat lose since the spring is now stretched also. Third thing is when the peg moves this far you get dirt jammed up in the peg and with the spring now being weak the pedal wont always go back to the neutral position. Think of trying to hit a jump out of a turn and the one side or both of the pegs are a 1/2" or more above what would be the level position. These pegs need a stop machined into them like a stock peg. It su_ks since the peg itself is a quality piece with the way it is machined and the replaceable tips are great, but needs that stop. I now am on the third set of springs. Looking for a new brand of peg that has the stop incorporated into it."
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