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Twin Air Air Filter Twin Air Air Filter markymark875 - Kalkaska michigan strong "not suppose to use gas to clean, but i have for years, and the glue holds up, just wash it quikly with warm soapy water. My bike never had any dirt threw the throat of the carburetor, these filters are the best."
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Cobra FI2000R PowrPro Black Tuner Cobra FI2000R PowrPro Black Tuner Jiggs - Canastota,NY Easy install "Once it finally got here it was easy to install. Bike sounds good but I've only ridden it about 25 miles. So far so good."
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Motorcycle Intake

The intake on your Cruiser motorcycle consists of the amount of fuel and air the engine takes in which helps it run effectively and efficiently. A clogged system ruins performance and eventually the motor.

Routine maintenance includes ensuring clean air and fuel filters - relatively easy fixes once clogged. But fuel management by re-jetting or mapping takes it a few steps further by allowing electronic or mechanical adjustment of the intake system to extract more power from the motorcycle or adjust fuel flow based on weather or riding conditions among other benefits.

MotoSport stocks the air and fuel filters you need for general maintenance or if you're looking for power and performance, check out our stock of fuel management tuners and Jet Kits to enhance the intake efficiency on your Cruiser.

If you've got questions or need some help give us a call at 866-333-8033 or use the Live Chat. You'll get in touch with a fellow rider with experience using these same intake products on their Cruiser motorcycle.