Cruiser Fairing & Fitment Specific Mirrors

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BikeMaster Replacement Mirror BikeMaster Replacement Mirror Jacob - Excellent Mirrors "These mirrors do the job and are very customizable with 360° rotation and an arm that allows you to fold them in/out. The only downside is that on my bike they are a little short and don't provide the maximum visibility you might get with longer mirrors. I ordered them Monday evening and they were at my door Wednesday morning. Overall, a great product and great shipping."
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BikeMaster Replacement Mirror BikeMaster Replacement Mirror ChacStar - Hawaii Island BikeMaster Mirror "Love BikeMaster products, great pricing and good quality most of the time. This time ... Not sure. Had an incident where my bike was knocked over. Instead of the mirror collapsing ( they are designed to ) it just snapped off clean at the pivot hinge. Ordered a new mirror and 1 of 2 studs that hold it to the bike, pulled loose from the mirror- the entire threaded stud loose in my hand. Needed the mirror so I swapped the bottom of the new-now-old mirror and it works. Albeit, a little more vibration on that mirror. Sooo, I ordered another one. (I know) haven't put it in my bike yet. Still rocking the "slightly rougher" mirror. Going to put the newer one on soon. If I run into the same issue with the threaded studs; I'll just return and order OEM for double the price. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Sometimes the workmanship is just faulty. Let the buyer beware :)) You guys have great products MotoSport!! Thank you! I am normally the person that finds stuff like this. Don't know why, it just happens to me like that. Hahahaaa"
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