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Crystal Clear Invention

When not working on teeth, Dr. Bob Smith, an orthodontist by day, spent time around his kitchen table using dental tools, foam and glue to construct goggles. He often traded his concoctions for lift tickets. Smith Optics took the stage in 1965 after Smith created the first goggle to feature a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam. The Sun Valley, Idaho based company built on that brewing legacy and set new standards for high performance eyewear and goggles.

Smith innovations include :

  • The Fog-X anti-fog coating
  • PMT Perforated Membrane Technology lens ventilation system
  • Patented Turbo C.A.M. Constant Air Management System
  • Patented Regulator adjustable lens ventilation system
  • Patented Roll Off's film advance system for motocross
  • Patented ODS (Ocular Docking System) prescription insert
  • Patented Slider series sunglasses

It wasn't long before Smith goggles crossed over from snow sports to motorsports and today Smith motorsport goggles give the racing competitor or the weekend dune chaser a clear view of the road while offering such innovative technology options like on-demand airflow, fog free vision using a 2-speed micro-electronic fan, and an ergonomically enhanced strap system. Smith goggles include a range of lens options that provide 100 percent UVA/B/C protection.

The MotoSport Smith Goggle Collection

MotoSport offers a variety of Smith goggles to suit your lifestyle and budget. Junior models are reasonably priced and the Fuel V1 model is considered one of the best values you can buy. The V2 Sweat X model gives a perfect fit and excellent sweat absorption. The serious rider should look at the Turbo Option OTG goggle outfitted with Smith's patented 2-speed micro fan for the ultimate in breathability.

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