Artrax MX-Pro Front Tire

Artrax MX-Pro Front Tire
Artrax MX-Pro Front Tire

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Description Item #ATX0008

Please note: Tire sizes vary by ride, please check your current tire and wheel sizes before placing the order. If you have any questions, please call Customer Service at 1-888-676-8853.

The Artrax MX-Pro Tire is designed with racing in mind and will provide un-rivaled grip when you need it most - in competition! Most important, you don't have to empty your wallet to get your hands on this level of performance.

  • Made for Soft / Intermediate terrain.
  • Artrax MX PRO tires offer excellent traction in ruts and flat corners.
  • Tread pattern offers great grip in all terrains and improves braking performance.
  • Durable tire compound.
  • Sold individually.

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30 Reviews
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Verified Purchaser
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Great tire

Performs well wears well. The Artrax tires I've used seem to be on the smaller side. But performance is great and wear well. In my opinion worth the money.

Verified Purchaser
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Stand by.

Best bang for the buck as far as tires go. Used on mainly for recreational trail riding.

Verified Purchaser
Dallas, TX, USA
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  

great ride and drive

Verified Purchaser
California, USA
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance  
Easy Mounting!

These tires were a great deal, I would buy them again. And I don't know why, but they were the easiest tires I have ever mounted. And I have put on a lot of tires.

Verified Purchaser
Idaho, USA
Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Looks Good

Purchased this to put on a bike that I plan on selling because you can't find a cheaper tire. I can't comment on how it performs, I haven't actually taken it out and used it yet, but it does look the part. Once I get a chance to test it I'll update my review.

Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  

I only MX a handful of times a year so this tire ended up being perfect for me. It is extremely cost effective and seems to be holding up very well. I have probably a dozen or so rides on it and it still looks brand new. Never had any issues on any terrain (soft, intermediate, hard). No complaints, especially for the price.

Northen Michigan
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Excellent tire

I really like this mx pro front. Ive been doing some testing with different tires. My favorite was S12, it works excellent in anything loose except skates on hardpack. when pushing it hard, the Mx32 also bites little better than s12 on hard terrain but I didn't care for it in loose sand. I race MX in Michigan, all tracks are sandy except my practice track which has a mix of sand and hard clay.

The Mx pro definatly hooks harder on hard pack and gives up little in the sand. It doesn't feel grabby in the ruts like the s12 can. Heres a pic of tires ive recently tested Mx pro on bike, S12, Dunlop mx32, Bridgestone 403

No issues mounting, I use windex, works great. Bead seated around 40 psi.

Artrax MX-Pro Front Tire
Verified Purchaser
Huntington Beach, CA
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
First buy of Airtrax product

I was a little skeptical of this product since it was so cheap. Once I got the tire, I noticed that the construction was quality. Once I got it on the bike, I have loved it. It gets great intermediate traction and the tire has held up to 3 days in the sierras on jagged rocky trails. I have had this on the bike for about 2 years, and just now the blocks are rounding...Great buy

Verified Purchaser
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Good tire

for 1/2 the price of a Dunlop, etc. this tire is definitely worth it. probably the better riders won't like them as much, but for the $$ I am going to stick with Artrax

Top 500 Contributor Verified Purchaser MotoSport Staff
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  

great tire for the price. hooks up well, easy to spoon on. feels and looks like older 756 pattern with better side walls pattern. so far impressed with the tire. weight is a little bit more than say a dunlop.

Verified Purchaser MotoSport Staff Expert
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  

tire hooks up well, very impressed. cannot argue with the price!!

Verified Purchaser
Idaho, USA
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Cheap price, great tire

I gave this tire an average in durability because I have only a few rides in on it. It gets high rankings in all other category's especially performance. This tire really digs in well and holds your front end in a corner.

Aztec, NM
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Artrax MX-Pro front tire is a great value

I am on my second one of these tires, one of my sons stole my first one for a race, and then wouldn't give it back he liked it so much. In fact my 2 sons that race WEBE now use these tires, they are a fantastic value at a considerably lower price than the big guys.

My bike is an 03 XR250R, so this tire doesn't get the wear and tear that the CRF450Rs on the race bikes put on it, so for me it is a no brainer to spend $40 rather than $75-80 for a tire. Grip is great, even in the varied terrain here in the 4 corners. We have sand, hard pack, mud, rock, gravel, clay, you name it, and this tire works well on all of them.

The only complaints I have is this tire is a bit harder to mount than many tires I have used in the past, the bead is a true knuckle buster, even for a dirt bike tire. And the other complaint is one I've seen in the majority of Artrax tires, that is getting the bead to seat properly. Airing the tire up to even 50+ lbs. sometimes can't get it to seat completely, no matter how well you soap it up. But, even with those complaints I highly recommend this tire and other Artrax tires, they work great for trail riding and seem to work well and hold up for racing.

Verified Purchaser
Edmond, Ok
Great tire for my type of riding

Substantially improved performance over the standard Pirelli. I ride deeper into those sandy corners now and come out a lot harder!

Verified Purchaser
Damascus, OR, USA
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Artax MX-Pro Front Tire

This tire rocks !!! It is really great Quality..

Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  

Seems to be holding up fairly well... have only ridding on soft/intermediate terrain. Definitely great value for the price!

Artrax MX-Pro Front Tire
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Decent for rocky trails

This tire was a nightmare to mount! It works good and is holding up very well in the rocky off-road trails that I usually ride. It lacks in looser terrain. Very bad in grass track sections. I lost my front end almost every turn.

Levittown PA
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Good tire. Great for the money

Purchased this tire after having bought an Artrax rear tire last year. Putting the tire on was a breeze even with a heavy duty tube.
Got a good bead with no issues the first time.
Tread pattern is aggressive, better than I expected.
Have only ridden with it once, on a mixed terrain track with hardpack & soft turns. Works great.
Can't speak to durability yet but its well worth $37 compared to a $70 equivalent.

Verified Purchaser
Durability   Performance   Style  
Good tire

Good tire for the money, i bought it because it was the same pattern as the 756. Good traction, i mostly ride on rocky hard packed surfaces 2-3 times a month on tights and open trails 3-4 hours. Also 3 harescrambles from purchase til now. purchased in december and tire has no chunking but needs to be replaced. Well worth the money. Will buy Again

Verified Purchaser
Forked River,NJ
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  

great price on a pretty good tire. Seams to work well in soft and med conditions.

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