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Scorpio Alarms SR-I900 RFID/Two-Way FM Security System

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Scorpio Alarms SR-I900 RFID/Two-Way FM Security System
Scorpio Alarms SR-I900 RFID/Two-Way FM Security System
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  • SR-i900 provides the convenience of hands-free operation combined with a compact two-way FM paging security system designed specifically for the motorcycle industry.
  • Standard features include two-way FM remote transceiver.
  • RFID for hands-free operation.
  • Auto or manual arming and disarming.
  • Ignition circuit sensor.
  • Long-range FM transceiver (up to a 1/2 mile).
  • Range and signal status display.
  • Compact design (3 11/16" x 2 3/4" x 7/8").
  • Dual-axis accelerometer for detecting impact/inclination.
  • Built-in 120 dB multi-tone siren with soft chirp.
  • Sensor violation display.
  • Audible/vibrating alert.
  • Smart Battery Safeguard with sleep mode.
  • Motorcycle battery voltage display.
  • Remote motorcycle finder/panic alarm.
  • Built-in battery backup system allows the pager to operate even if wires are cut or circumvented.
  • Includes charging cord for remote receiver.
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Snake Over 7 months ago
Is this a remote start as well?
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 7 months ago
No, it would not be remote start.
Miguel Over 10 months ago Location: Melbourne
Does this alarm have a proximity sensor that causes the alarm to chirp when a person is detected a certain distance close to the bike?
Top 1 Contributor
Over 10 months ago
Yes. Here are the features:

A built-in accelerometer that detects both impact and changes of angles with a high degree of accuracy.
A built-in programmable multi-tone siren is included. To ensure durability, it is manufactured to meet OEM specs.
The optional Perimeter Sensor provides a remote activated microwave sensor that detects motion in mass around the motorcycle protecting your saddlebags, luggage and other external accessories. It is sensitivity adjustable, and easily turned on or off as needed. No additional installation necessary, the easy to use addition simply plugs in to the accessory harness.
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