Kuryakyn Hypercharger Kit

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Kuryakyn Hypercharger Kit
Kuryakyn Hypercharger Kit
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Since their introduction for Harley-Davidson® Models in 1992, the Hypercharger has been widely recognized as one of the most cost effective performance modifications available. When the demand arose for adaptation to the metric cruisers K¼ryakyn expected similar performance increases, but never expected to see the gain common on these engines.

  • The performance increase comes from simply letting the engine breathe.
  • No decrease in longevity or drivability should be expected after normal, careful installation and proper jetting.
  • Aside from the desirable gains in performance, the Hypercharger is one of the most striking enhancements you can make to your bike.
  • The cases are beautifully chromed with trap doors and butterflies available separately in a wide array of colors.
  • Kit contains a Hypercharger, mounting kit and carburetor jetting necessary for a complete, sanitary installation.
  • Tech tip: It is highly recommended that installation and jetting be performed by an authorized dealer or other qualified technician.
  • Notes: For optimum performance and drivability on fuel-injected motorcycles, the Wild Things® Fuel Injector Controller is strongly recommended. Some of the high performance air cleaners protrude out further than the standard unit to achieve smoother flow and better performance.
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Hessu Location: Finland
Zolenx Location: Redding, CA, USA
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Vicky 24 days ago Location: India
Would this fit on my Harley Davidson Street 750?
MotoSport Staff Expert
23 days ago
No sorry. Unfortunately this would not fit your 2015 Harley Davidson Street 750.
Shadowryder 2 months 29 days ago Location: North Carolina, USA
Will Kuryakyn Part # 9430 Fit my 2002 Honda Shadow Spirit VT1100 C ?
Expert MotoSport Staff
2 months 29 days ago
Yes that is correct. 9430 Hypercharger Kit would be the correct number for your 2002 Honda Shadow Spirit VT1100C.
live2ride 4 months 29 days ago Location: illinois
Is this a cosmetic fix only on a VT1100C2?
I have a 2007 Honda Shadow VT1100C2. From what I have read on other sites this is only a cosmetic piece. Does it function as an air cleaner on this bike? Please advise.
MotoSport Staff Expert
4 months 29 days ago
Yes you will gain horespower and performance with the Kuryakyn Hypercharger Kit for your 2007 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100. The Hypercharger houses a K&N airfilter for improved air flow. The hotrod-styled vacuum-operated butterflies are for looks.
Hessu Over 5 months ago Location: Finland
How to Install hypercharger Honda VT 600 ym88?
Do you have an adapter so that i could install hypercharger to Honda VT 600 ym88?
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 5 months ago
Unfortunately Kuryakyn does not have a Hypercharger or adapter listed for your Honda VT 600 ym88.
Memnoch Over 6 months ago Location: Maryland
Isn't this just an inlet scoop that looks fancy?
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 6 months ago
The Kuryakyn Hypercharger Kit houses a lifetime washable K&N air filter element for improved airflow and increased horsepower. The chrome housing and vacuum-operated butterflies give it that hotrod look.
muckey 1 year 1 month ago Location: pa
Is this fully functional?
I've seen alot of these as just cosmetic upgrades. i have a Honda sabre 1100 2003. It says it fits it
Expert Top 1 Contributor MotoSport Staff
1 year 1 month ago
By replacing a stock air cleaner with a Hypercharger, you will notice a increase in horse power. Kuryakyn reports gains of 7-9 horsepower.
Zolenx 1 year 5 months ago Location: Redding, CA, USA
I have a nice set of Cobra pipes and i just had the carb rejetted. If i go to a hypercharger, will i need to rejet it again? I have a 2000 Nomad 1500G?
Top 1 Contributor
Over 10 months ago
There is not a specific setting I could give you for jetting your bike. It would really depend on your location (altitude/temperature) and how your bike is running with the current jetting. Jetting can be very tricky, there isn't one setting that will work everywhere with every bike. More than likely you will have to adjust the jetting after installing the Kuryakyn Hypercharger Kit
Slolane 2 years 2 months ago
What mods will i need to do to a fuel injected bike?
MotoSport Staff
2 years 2 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
Typically when installing intake and exhaust systems you will need a programmer for the EFI system to adjust for the additional airflow. This will all depend on your location, elevation and what bike it is. Based on those factors some bikes will not need modification. The most popular fuel programmers are the Dynojet Power Commanders for bikes and locations that will require adjustment.
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