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Barnett Clutch Kit Barnett Clutch Kit AKTM450SX - Kodiak, What you would expect from Barnnett "This clutch fit as it was supposed to, works like it is supposed to, and according to my father who has run this clutch in his KTM 520 for years this clutch lasts. This is what I would expect from Barnett. The orange clutch springs are a nice touch even though they are covered by the clutch cover."
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Driven Complete Clutch Kit Driven Complete Clutch Kit desertplaya - Tucson, AZ, USA best bang 4 ur buk "grandson is a clutch rider! he can tear up a cannonball with a feather duster. keep a good stock of these on the shelf until he grows outa the distructive phase. took his grandpa 40 years. lol thanks MOTOSPORT, customer 4 life."
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