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Yana Shiki OEM Windscreen
Yana Shiki OEM Windscreen

$ 41.61 $48.95
15% Off - Save $7.34

Item #YAS005J

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# Part Numbers
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Clear TXHW-100C
Smoke TXHW-100S
Yellow TXHW-100Y
Clear TXHW-101C
Red TXHW-101R
Smoke TXHW-101S
Yellow TXHW-101Y
Blue TXHW-102B
Clear TXHW-102C
Dark Smoke TXHW-102DS
Red TXHW-102R
Smoke TXHW-102S
Clear TXHW-103C
Dark Smoke TXHW-103DS
Smoke TXHW-103S
Clear TXHW-105C
Smoke TXHW-105S
Yellow TXHW-105Y
Clear TXHW-107C
Dark Smoke TXHW-107DS
Smoke TXHW-107S
Blue TXHW-108B
Clear TXHW-108C
Dark Smoke TXHW-108DS
Red TXHW-108R
Smoke TXHW-108S
Blue TXHW-109B
Clear TXHW-109C
Dark Smoke TXHW-109DS
Red TXHW-109R
Smoke TXHW-109S
Smoke TXKW-400S
Clear TXKW-402C
Dark Smoke TXKW-402DS
Smoke TXKW-402S
Blue TXKW-403B
Clear TXKW-403C
Dark Smoke TXKW-403DS
Smoke TXKW-403S
Clear TXKW-405C
Dark Smoke TXKW-405DS
Smoke TXKW-405S
Blue TXKW-409B
Clear TXKW-409C
Dark Smoke TXKW-409DS
Red TXKW-409R
Smoke TXKW-409S
Clear TXKW-410C
Dark Smoke TXKW-410DS
Smoke TXKW-410S
Blue TXKW-412B
Clear TXKW-412C
Dark Smoke TXKW-412DS
Smoke TXKW-412S
Blue TXSW-201B
Smoke TXSW-201S
Yellow TXSW-201Y
Blue TXSW-202B
Clear TXSW-202C
Dark Smoke TXSW-202DS
Smoke TXSW-202S
Blue TXSW-203B
Clear TXSW-203C
Dark Smoke TXSW-203DS
Smoke TXSW-203S
Blue TXSW-204B
Clear TXSW-204C
Dark Smoke TXSW-204DS
Smoke TXSW-204S
Blue TXSW-205B
Clear TXSW-205C
Dark Smoke TXSW-205DS
Smoke TXSW-205S
Blue TXSW-206B
Smoke TXSW-206S
Clear TXSW-207C
Dark Smoke TXSW-207DS
Smoke TXSW-207S
Blue TXSW-208B
Dark Smoke TXSW-209DS
Smoke TXSW-209S
Blue TXSW-210B
Clear TXSW-210C
Dark Smoke TXSW-210DS
Smoke TXSW-210S
Smoke TXYW-300S
Dark Smoke TXYW-301DS
Blue TXYW-302B
Clear TXYW-302C
Red TXYW-302R
Red TXYW-303R
Smoke TXYW-303S
Dark Smoke TXYW-305DS
Smoke TXYW-305S
Blue TXYW-306B
Dark Smoke TXYW-306DS
Smoke TXYW-306S
Blue TXYW-307B
Clear TXYW-307C
Dark Smoke TXYW-307DS
Red TXYW-307R
Smoke TXYW-307S