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Thor 2018 Prime Fit Jersey - Rohl Thor 2018 Prime Fit Jersey - Rohl SortaFail - Connor, CA Solid top of the line entry from Thor "Clearly trying to compete with other premium jerseys from other companies , this one definitely takes a unique angle. Easily the most form fitting jersey I've ever warn it really clings to the body. Medium jerseys and t-shirts are typically a little loose on me, and slim fits in medium fit me very well. This jersey felt like a nike compression under layer in comparison to other jerseys. If you are even remotely between sizes or just want a more natural fit I'd recommend going up at least 1 size. I will mention though that despite the tight fit, the materials are extremely comfortable, especially the arms. One thing that isn't easy to see from the pics is that the arms and body portion are made from different materials. The arms from a nike compression type polyester which feels great and really great for cooling and moisture. The body out of a very stretchy traditional jersey material."
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Thor 2017 Youth Fuse Jersey - Dazz Thor 2017 Youth Fuse Jersey - Dazz FlyingRylan - Crestview, FL, USA "Very well made gear. The padding is extra thick, yet comfortable. The only complaint is the pants are not adjustable. However, the waistline does have some elastic type material in various places. Overall, very good fit and definitely better quality construction than many of the other Brands. We would highly recommend Thor."
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