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EVS SB04 Shoulder Brace EVS SB04 Shoulder Brace 2smoker105 - Annapolis, MD, USA So far so good "I am coming off shoulder surgery from a bad crash, so I wanted to give a little bit extra protection to the shoulder. I’ve only ridden a few times with it but so far the brace has definitely helped. My shoulder feel great after a day of riding and it is definitely a little less about reinjuring it. It is pretty comfortable, couldn’t really tell I was wearing it when I was riding. It is pretty bulky, so it definitely stands out under your jersey, but it gets the job done. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a little but extra shoulder protection for whatever reason"
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EVS SB03 Shoulder Support EVS SB03 Shoulder Support Karen - Franklin, TN, USA Great for subluxing shoulder! "I have gotten this brace and the older model of it for my dad who had a stroke and has a left subliming shoulder due to the stroke. It is very effective at keeping the shoulder in the socket and it is much more comfortable and effective than the medical splints the therapists got him. And it looks sporty and cool too. I am a physical therapist myself and would recommend this brace for prevention or treatment of a sub-luxing shoulder- it works!"
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