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EVS SB03 Shoulder Support EVS SB03 Shoulder Support Karen - Franklin, TN, USA Great for subluxing shoulder! "I have gotten this brace and the older model of it for my dad who had a stroke and has a left subliming shoulder due to the stroke. It is very effective at keeping the shoulder in the socket and it is much more comfortable and effective than the medical splints the therapists got him. And it looks sporty and cool too. I am a physical therapist myself and would recommend this brace for prevention or treatment of a sub-luxing shoulder- it works!"
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EVS SB03 Shoulder Support EVS SB03 Shoulder Support JennP - New York SB03 "We bought this brace a year ago for our daughter after several shoulder dislocations due to basketball. She was able to play the rest of her season in AAU and softball before having surgery due to the support and stability of this brace. She does wear a compression shirt under the brace for comfort and to prevent chaffing. She has told us numerous times that her shoulder feels more in place while wearing it and it gives her the confidence to play without worry. Due to yet another recent dislocation we purchased a second one just last week because of wear on the old one."
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