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EVS 2018 Revo 5 Protector EVS 2018 Revo 5 Protector Fire277 - Chandler, AZ EVS undershirt protector "Arrived quickly and well packaged. I really like this under jersey roost protector. Its comfortable, seems to be made well, and easy to use. Easy to put on, just clip the two connectors on each side under arms. I wear a moisture wicking tshirt under it. But it diesnt irritate or rub. My only suggested imorovements are a way to keep it from riding up on chest, although its nit a huge problem. I would recommend and buy again."
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Thor 2018 Impact Deflector Thor 2018 Impact Deflector Mitch453 - Illinois, USA Just as the description states! "Very comfortable unlike many others I’ve tried in the past. I can’t comment on durability as I’ve only had it for a few weeks but it seems as it’s going to hold up for quite some time"
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