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PC Racing Pro Seal Air Filter Gasket PC Racing Pro Seal Air Filter Gasket Graybill - Roseville, OH 43777, USA best buy "I clean my air filter before every ride. Always notice some dust and sand has gotten past to the boot. Thats not good so i got this pc racing pro seal and i have not seen anything down in the boot. I brought this last year iv rebuilt my bike twice with around 30 to 40 hours of riding with this pc seal so im buying this product for all my bikes. I got this for my 04 cr250r btw"
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PC Racing Filterskins PC Racing Filterskins Yamaty110 - Montesano, WA 98563, USA Will save you time and money! "These filterskins are a must for anyone who rides in dusty or sandy environments. Will save you money, time, and engine components. I use on all of my bikes. They do clean well for multiple uses. I keep a preoiled one in my tool pack for a quick change on the go. But them and your engine will thank you."
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