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Utility ATV Chest & Back

122 Results

Most Recent Chest and Back Reviews

Fox Racing 2018 Titan Sport Jacket Fox Racing 2018 Titan Sport Jacket Markymark - Iowa Overall great jacket "I've had the jacket a few weeks now and am still very happy with it. The construction is solid and I feel very protected. I've crashed on a couple trails and didn't get hurt nor has the armor shown much wear."
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Thor 2018 Guardian MX Chest Protector Thor 2018 Guardian MX Chest Protector mxgrant185 - SW, MO AWESOME! "Wife bought me this chest protector as a birthday gift and let me take it out a day before my birthday, I am glad she did! I wiped out on a trail while ridding with a buddy (open long trail, hit a rock 5th gear wide open and went flying). My helmet cracked the shell, stripped the bolts from the visor, snapped the visor, broke/busted the lenses in my goggles, ripped jersey, gloves and pants. I was tore up just about everywhere, except for where this CP covered. If I wouldn't have had it on or had worn an older one, it may have been a different story but I only received a concussion, whiplash and a sprained wrist. My guardian held up great and only had a small scratch on the back. My buddy was so impressed that he ordered one as soon as he got back to the truck. The guardian is SUPER comfortable, easily adjusted and looks great. For the price, you cant beat it."
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