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Hammerhead Titanium Brake Tip Hammerhead Titanium Brake Tip cdolan - West Coast, USA Great Product "Got this to replace the tip I had on that I killed in some rocks. Great way to still utilize the brake arm from Hammerhead and just replace the tip and save some $. Got the Ti tip this time to try out. It's huge! Great for better brake pedal feel and control. Awesome product, easy installation and great performance!"
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Hammerhead Brake Snake Hammerhead Brake Snake cdolan - West Coast, USA Use it, don't toss it "This would've saved me a lot of grief on the trail had I used the first time. I bent my brake pedal and had to replace on the trail, which wasn't too bad but just this simple brake snake would've saved me a bunch of time and a headache. Learned my lesson and will always use this moving forward."
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