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Acerbis Skid Plate Acerbis Skid Plate CM77 - San Angelo, TX, USA "I've tried shopping on many other websites but none beats Motosport! Easiest site to shop and they always have what I need at a good price. I am happy with the purchase of this acerbis skid plate. being a rider/racer on a budget I have always used acerbis plastic skid plates. They're durable enough to give me peace of mind when crossing over any obstacle, affordable and very easy to install and remove! I ordered this one in blue only because it was a few dollars cheaper but the color actually turned out to match my Yamaha very well and looks great!"
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KTM PowerWear Sticker Sheet KTM PowerWear Sticker Sheet Rusty - Port St Lucie, FL, USA KTM Power sticker sheet "Nice Quality stickers at a really good price."
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