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AC Racing Subframe AC Racing Subframe Zach - Minnesota Not a lot of other choices for subframes... "There are not a lot of other choices for subframes... So I was kinda stuck AC Racing... but it has turned out to be a great find. Installed with very little frustration and re aligned my bike perfectly! I cannot attest to the strength, but so far so good! If you need a subframe, this it the one you should get!"
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Hammerhead Billet Shift Lever Hammerhead Billet Shift Lever cdolan - West Coast, USA Amazing fit/finish, durability and style "Amazing fit, replaced the OEM shifter exactly. Looks way better and you can customize with color and size. I really like the option to lengthen the tip to allow for easier shifting. Unreal durability! After beating up the shifter for years it's still in good shape and I finally lost the tip, but I can easily just replace the tip, which is great! Thanks for an amazing product!"
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