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KTM PowerParts Tire Gauge KTM PowerParts Tire Gauge Paxton - Steamboat Springs, CO Well made and will last a long time, but... "I expected it to rotate easily, I expected it to be easy to hold it on the valve without any air escaping...and it is no better than any other gauge I have owned. And then to make matters worse it is really slow at releasing air. I find it necessary to poke the valve with my finger or use the back of the nozzle. The push button does provide some fine tuning but nobody needs 10.03 lbs of air. This gauge may last forever but do I want to use it forever? Definitely not."
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All Balls Front Wheel Spacer Kit All Balls Front Wheel Spacer Kit Rman - Rodman America Doesn’t fit 2000 cr 250 "The front collars are not the same length as oem. Brake side is way to long. The rear collars were fine and the bearings were good too just the front collars were an issue"
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