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Moose County Plow Blade Moose County Plow Blade Scott - Michigan, USA Awesome plow! "I have a Polaris 500 4x4 and I bought the 60 inch Plough, at first I thought it was too big after getting it and looking at it, but it pushes great with no chains. The quality is second to none. It makes other people's plows look like toys. The wing tip on the plow just launches the snow. My driveway is ground up Asphalt too but once I get the float setting right or close, if I hear it hitting some ground up asphalt or stones I pull slightly pull back on the lever so I don't dig in too much. Out in the country no matter what you have to deal with loose Stone but I have much more control over it compared to someone pushing a truck up my driveway with a plow."
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Warn Provantage UTV Plow System Warn Provantage UTV Plow System Dancustomlogs - East Jewett Great quality products...with great service! "The Warn Provantage UTV Plow System is the complete package and this quality product works perfectly, and easy to install on my Yamaha Rhino 660."
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