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Stomp Grip Traction Pads
Stomp Grip Traction Pads

$25.77 - $49.46
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Item #SMG0008

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14 Reviews
4.2 out of 5 stars
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All Reviews
Verified Purchaser
Long Island, NY
Look great!

Easy to put on and they have stayed put so far and helps from sliding forward on the seat...

Verified Purchaser
Stomp grips

I have adjustable rearsets and wanted a larger grip area for when I move the rearsets. These grips allow me to do that and still maintain a good contact. Being the clear also lets the bikes colors show up. Since there are two curves on the tank it was a little tricky applying them alone. I would would buy them again. Thank you Motosport.

Verified Purchaser
Lowell ma
Good idea, bad adhesive

So I understand this has nothing to do with Motosport, I tried contacting stomp grip directly before writing this, they never got back to me, long story short followed the instructions, still ended up with air bubbles , no biggie, 1 week later one side is already hanging off the bike, total bs , don't waste your money, still trying to contact stomp grip for a new set, but I basically wasted $40 for nothing

Stomp Grip Traction Pads
Verified Purchaser
Awesome grip

Feels like it grabs your jeans and dont let go. Definitely a must have to get a better feel of your bike and feel comfortable on your leans. Ride safely ZX6-R

Santa Monica, CA, USA
Buyer beware

this doesn't stick to matte plastic. i purchased for a friend's 2008 ninja 250.

two dings on the product.

1) the pads aren't cut right. you have to use a heat gun and stretch it a bit to improvise a match.
2) the product is using simple 3m contact adhesive but doesn't provide anything to prepare the surface.

i washed and alcohol-wiped the matte plastic side covers. the pads failed to adhere. They stick fine to glossy material but not matte. Two options i can think of is to mask off and use contact cement on the side panels. Considering I just paid $50 for a slice of silicon, I would think that StompGrips would provide this or at least mention in the instructions. The other option would be to mask off and sand the side panel smooth.

Again, both terrible options considering how much you're paying for a chunk of silicon.

Stomp Grips, fix your template, stop phoning it in and update your product.

Verified Purchaser
Simi Valley, CA, USA
Zx14 2006

Went on easy, cleaned surfaces before install and had no problems. Provides for enhanced grip while on the bike. Riding the bike with just jeans was ok. Wearing a one piece track suit gives you that next level of grip.

Verified Purchaser
Great product. Fit not exactly perfect.

Bought this for my r6. The fit is good but not perfect. Not as much pad needed as supplied. I kind of wish I had trimmed it down a bit. But...It is great for control of the bike. Excellent grip means no more getting crammed up against the tank during short stops. Also very easy to grip the bike with my knees now so it adds excellent control. Overall I am satisfied with this product.

Verified Purchaser

Verified Purchaser
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Volcano Stomp Grip

I use these Stomp Grip Volcano traction pads on my bike to increase contact & control with my bike. I use my bike for trackday events and these grips reduce fatigue and improves control.

Stompgrip products feature 3M adhesive backing that works very well when applied correctly. I have no problems with adhesion when I follow the instructions. I am also impressed with the quality of the universal and bike specific pads.

I recommend this product to my fellow riders and I certainly install these grips on any trackbike I own.

Verified Purchaser
Port Saint Lucie, FL
Grip pads

Before installing these grip pads i would be sliding back and forth on my seat while i ride. When i would lean into a turn or curve it would be scary cause I would slide too much, now that doesnt happen anymore.

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3 Questions
Answered:   3
Not Yet:   0
Q: I have a 2016 zx10r will this black stomp grip traction pads fit my bike? and do you have a k+n air filter for my bike also?
2 years 5 months ago
Expert MotoSport Staff
2 years 5 months ago
A: The Stomp pad would likely fit. Unfortunately both Stomp Grip and K&N do not yet have fitment for the 2016 Kawasaki ZX10R abs.
Q: Will these be uncomfortable with just jeans? Will they wear out the jeans?
Over 5 years ago
MotoSport Staff
Over 5 years ago
A: Without any knee protection these will more than likely not be so comfortable for you. That would also depend though how hard you grip the bike with your knees and how hard you ride. If you squeeze hard or move around a lot then these can be rough on the knees. Being a gripper material with the raised nubs, there will be more friction on the pants which will wear them out quicker. How much quicker will again depend on how hard you squeeze and how hard you ride.
Q: What pieces are included?
Over 9 years ago
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 9 years ago
A: Depending on the type of bike/atv will determine what you'll receive.
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# Part Numbers
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Clear 55-10-0011
Black 55-10-0011B
Clear 55-10-0038
Black 55-10-0038B
Clear 55-10-0039
Black 55-10-0039B
Clear 55-10-0045
Black 55-10-0045B
Clear 55-10-0114
Black 55-10-0114B
Clear 55-10-0117
Black 55-10-0117B
Clear 55-10-0125
Clear 55-10-0128
Clear 55-10-0135
Clear 55-10-0137
Clear 55-10-0142
Clear 55-10-0072
Clear 55-10-0075
Clear 55-10-0083
Clear 55-10-0080
Clear 55-10-0081
Clear 55-10-0082
Clear 55-10-0064
Clear 55-10-0063
Clear 55-10-0065
Clear 55-10-0067
Clear 55-10-0066
Clear 55-10-0021
Clear 55-10-0016
Clear 55-10-0019
Clear 55-10-0017
Clear 55-10-0015
Clear 55-10-0020
Clear 55-10-0018
Clear 33-10-0008
Clear 55-10-0036
Clear 55-10-0035
Clear 55-10-0030
Clear 55-10-0034
Clear 55-10-0040
Clear 55-10-0033
Clear 55-10-0029
Clear 55-10-0031
Clear 55-10-0032
Clear 55-10-0037
Clear 55-10-0058
Clear 55-10-0059
Clear 55-10-0050
Clear 55-10-0049
Clear 55-10-0053
Clear 55-10-0056
Clear 55-10-0047
Clear 55-10-0048
Clear 55-10-0052
Clear 55-10-0054
Clear 55-10-0057
Clear 55-10-0055
Clear 55-10-0051
Clear 55-10-0077
Clear 33-10-0007
Clear 55-10-0008
Clear 55-10-0009
Clear 55-10-0001
Clear 55-10-0002
Clear 55-10-0006
Clear 55-10-0007
Clear 55-10-0004
Clear 55-10-0005
Clear 55-10-0010
Clear 55-10-0003
Clear 55-10-0022
Clear 55-10-0023
Clear 55-10-0068
Clear 55-10-0042
Clear 55-10-0078
Clear 55-10-0012
Clear 55-10-0024
Clear 55-10-0026
Clear 55-10-0043
Clear 55-10-0044
Clear 55-10-0060
Clear 55-10-0061
Clear 55-10-0062
Clear 55-10-0069
Clear 55-10-0070
Clear 55-10-0071
Clear 55-10-0079
Clear 55-10-0084
Clear 55-10-0086
Clear 55-10-0087
Clear 55-10-0092
Clear 55-10-0093
Clear 55-10-0094
Clear 55-10-0095
Clear 55-10-0097
Clear 55-10-0098
Clear 55-10-0099
Clear 55-10-0100
Clear 55-10-0101
Clear 55-10-0102
Clear 55-10-0103
Clear 55-10-0104
Clear 55-10-0105
Clear 55-10-0106
Clear 55-10-0107
Clear 55-10-0108
Clear 55-10-0109
Clear 55-10-0110
Clear 55-10-0112
Clear 55-10-0113
Clear 55-10-0115
Clear 55-10-0120
Clear 55-10-0121
Clear 55-10-0122
Clear 55-10-0123
Clear 55-10-0124
Clear 55-10-0129
Clear 55-10-0130
Clear 55-10-0131
Clear 55-10-0132
Clear 55-10-0136
Clear 55-10-0138
Black 55-10-0072B
Black 55-10-0075B
Black 55-10-0083B
Black 55-10-0081B
Black 55-10-0082B
Black 55-10-0064B
Black 55-10-0063B
Black 55-10-0065B
Black 55-10-0067B
Black 55-10-0066B
Black 55-10-0021B
Black 55-10-0016B
Black 55-10-0019B
Black 55-10-0017B
Black 55-10-0015B
Black 55-10-0020B
Black 55-10-0018B
Black 33-10-0008B
Black 55-10-0036B
Black 55-10-0035B
Black 55-10-0030B
Black 55-10-0034B
Black 55-10-0040B
Black 55-10-0033B
Black 55-10-0029B
Black 55-10-0031B
Black 55-10-0032B
Black 55-10-0037B
Black 55-10-0058B
Black 55-10-0059B
Black 55-10-0050B
Black 55-10-0049B
Black 55-10-0053B
Black 55-10-0056B
Black 55-10-0047B
Black 55-10-0048B
Black 55-10-0052B
Black 55-10-0054B
Black 55-10-0057B
Black 55-10-0055B
Black 55-10-0051B
Black 55-10-0077B
Black 33-10-0007B
Black 55-10-0008B
Black 55-10-0009B
Black 55-10-0001B
Black 55-10-0002B
Black 55-10-0006B
Black 55-10-0007B
Black 55-10-0004B
Black 55-10-0005B
Black 55-10-0010B
Black 55-10-0003B
Black 55-10-0022B
Black 55-10-0023B
Black 55-10-0068B
Black 55-10-0041B
Black 55-10-0042B
Black 55-10-0078B
Black 55-10-0012B
Black 55-10-0024B
Black 55-10-0026B
Black 55-10-0043B
Black 55-10-0044B
Black 55-10-0061B
Black 55-10-0062B
Black 55-10-0069B
Black 55-10-0070B
Black 55-10-0071B
Black 55-10-0079B
Black 55-10-0084B
Black 55-10-0086B
Black 55-10-0087B
Black 55-10-0092B
Black 55-10-0093B
Black 55-10-0094B
Black 55-10-0095B
Black 55-10-0097B
Black 55-10-0098B
Black 55-10-0099B
Black 55-10-0100B
Black 55-10-0101B
Black 55-10-0102B
Black 55-10-0103B
Black 55-10-0104B
Black 55-10-0105B
Black 55-10-0106B
Black 55-10-0107B
Black 55-10-0108B
Black 55-10-0109B
Black 55-10-0110B
Black 55-10-0112B
Black 55-10-0113B
Black 55-10-0115B
Black 55-10-0120B
Black 55-10-0121B
Black 55-10-0122B
Black 55-10-0123B
Black 55-10-0124B
Black 55-10-0129B
Black 55-10-0130B
Black 55-10-0131B
Black 55-10-0132B
Black 55-10-0136B
Black 55-10-0138B
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