City/State you reside in: Murrieta, CA

Birthday: 2/15

Age when first started riding: 3

Favorite track: Red Bud

Inspiration: My family

What's on your iPod playlist?: everything from country, rap, and rock

When I'm not riding I like to: Relax on my boat in Havasu and spend time with my little guy Dane Duke and wife

Something that most people don't know about you: I am a huge movie buff and can sing every lyric of every song I know

How did you start riding?: I got my first bike at the age of 3 for Christmas from my mom and dad. I just never stopped from that point on.

Career Honors, Awards, and Highlights: Horizon Award winner, 2006 Lits East Coast Championships, 2005 East/West Shootout winner and 9 Loretta, Lynn titles