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OZ Racing GASS RS-A Forged Aluminum Rear Wheel
OZ Racing GASS RS-A Forged Aluminum Rear Wheel

$ 1380.00 - $ 1520.00

Item #OZR0002

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# Part Numbers
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Gloss Black H6004HO6001N
Titanium H6004HO6001T
Matte Gold H6004HO60Z1G
Matte Black H6004HO60Z1M
Gloss Black H6007SU6001N
Titanium H6007SU6001T
Matte Gold H6007SU60Z1G
Matte Black H6007SU60Z1M
Gloss Black H6008SU6001N
Titanium H6008SU6001T
Matte Gold H6008SU60Z1G
Matte Black H6008SU60Z1M
Gloss Black H6009DU5501N
Titanium H6009DU5501T
Matte Gold H6009DU55Z1G
Matte Black H6009DU55Z1M
Gloss Black H6010DU5501N
Titanium H6010DU5501T
Matte Gold H6010DU55Z1G
Matte Black H6010DU55Z1M
Gloss Black / Single-Sided Swingarm H6011DU5501N
Titanium / Single-Sided Swingarm H6011DU5501T
Matte Gold / Single-Sided Swingarm H6011DU55Z1G
Matte Black / Single-Sided Swingarm H6011DU55Z1M
Gloss Black / Single-Sided Swingarm H6012DU6001N
Titanium / Single-Sided Swingarm H6012DU6001T
Matte Gold / Single-Sided Swingarm H6012DU60Z1G
Matte Black / Single-Sided Swingarm H6012DU60Z1M
Gloss Black H6015HO5501N
Titanium H6015HO5501T
Matte Gold H6015HO55Z1G
Matte Black H6015HO55Z1M
Gloss Black H6019KA5501N
Titanium H6019KA5501T
Matte Gold H6019KA55Z1G
Matte Black H6019KA55Z1M
Gloss Black H6024HO6001N
Titanium H6024HO6001T
Matte Gold H6024HO60Z1G
Matte Black H6024HO60Z1M
Gloss Black H6025KT6001N
Titanium H6025KT6001T
Matte Gold H6025KT60Z1G
Matte Black H6025KT60Z1M
Gloss Black / Single-Sided Swingarm H6026MV5501N
Titanium / Single-Sided Swingarm H6026MV5501T
Matte Gold / Single-Sided Swingarm H6026MV55Z1G
Matte Black / Single-Sided Swingarm H6026MV55Z1M
Gloss Black / Single-Sided Swingarm H6026MV6001N
Titanium / Single-Sided Swingarm H6026MV6001T
Matte Gold / Single-Sided Swingarm H6026MV60Z1G
Matte Black / Single-Sided Swingarm H6026MV60Z1M
Gloss Black H6028SU5501N
Titanium H6028SU5501T
Matte Gold H6028SU55Z1G
Matte Black H6028SU55Z1M
Gloss Black H6032YA5501N
Titanium H6032YA5501T
Matte Gold H6032YA55Z1G
Matte Black H6032YA55Z1M
Gloss Black H6049KA6001N
Titanium H6049KA6001T
Matte Gold H6049KA60Z1G
Matte Black H6049KA60Z1M
Gloss Black H6063YA6001N
Titanium H6063YA6001T
Matte Gold H6063YA60Z1G
Matte Black H6063YA60Z1M
Gloss Black H6080SU6001N
Titanium H6080SU6001T
Matte Gold H6080SU60Z1G
Matte Black H6080SU60Z1M
Gloss Black H6092DU6001N
Titanium H6092DU6001T
Matte Gold H6092DU60Z1G
Matte Black H6092DU60Z1M
Gloss Black H6094BM6001N
Titanium H6094BM6001T
Matte Gold H6094BM60Z1G
Matte Black H6094BM60Z1M
Gloss Black H6095AP6001N
Titanium H6095AP6001T
Matte Gold H6095AP60Z1G
Matte Black H6095AP60Z1M
Gloss Black H6101AP6001N
Titanium H6101AP6001T
Matte Gold H6101AP60Z1G
Matte Black H6101AP60Z1M
Gloss Black H6115KA6001N
Titanium H6115KA6001T
Matte Gold H6115KA60Z1G
Matte Black H6115KA60Z1M
Gloss Black H6125KA6001N
Titanium H6125KA6001T
Matte Gold H6125KA60Z1G
Matte Black H6125KA60Z1M
Gloss Black H6136SU5501N
Titanium H6136SU5501T
Matte Gold H6136SU55Z1G
Matte Black H6136SU55Z1M
Gloss Black H6184DU5501N
Titanium H6184DU5501T
Matte Gold H6184DU55Z1G
Matte Black H6184DU55Z1M
Gloss Black H6209YA6001N
Titanium H6209YA6001T
Matte Gold H6209YA60Z1G
Matte Black H6209YA60Z1M
Gloss Black H6235SU6001N
Titanium H6235SU6001T
Matte Gold H6235SU60Z1G
Matte Black H6235SU60Z1M
Gloss Black H6245HO6001N
Titanium H6245HO6001T
Matte Gold H6245HO60Z1G
Matte Black H6245HO60Z1M
Gloss Black H6247YA5501N
Titanium H6247YA5501T
Matte Gold H6247YA55Z1G
Matte Black H6247YA55Z1M