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2012 HUSQVARNA CR 65 Cooling System

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Cooling System

WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm

  • # Part Retail Our Price
    Stock Status Suggested Quantity
  • 1
    8000H4952 right radiator Retail: $167.17 Price: $142.09
    Call for Availability
  • 2
    8000H7284 plug
    This part is currently unavailable.
  • 3
    8000H4953 left radiator Retail: $149.36 Price: $126.96
    Call for Availability
  • 4
    800059803 grommet Retail: $2.66 Price: $2.26
    In Stock
  • 5
    800059802 bush Retail: $3.22 Price: $2.74
    In Stock
  • 6
    ZU0067545 screw Price: $6.46
    Expected to Ship in 4-9 Days
  • 7
    Z00044240 self locking nut Supersedes: 800044240 (Nut) Retail: $1.48 Price: $1.26
    In Stock
  • 8
    Z00059801 washer Supersedes: 800059801 (Washer) Retail: $0.66 Price: $0.56
    In Stock
  • 9
    8000H4958 grille
    This part is currently unavailable.
  • 10
    8000H4504 radiator breather pipe
    This part is currently unavailable.
  • 11
    8B00H6505 clamp Supersedes: 8000H6507 (Cobra Clamp (Yellow)) Price: $1.60
    Expected to Ship in 4-9 Days
  • 12
    8A00H6505 clamp Supersedes: 8000H6506 (Cobra Clamp (Green)) Price: $1.60
    Expected to Ship in 4-9 Days
  • 13
    In Stock
  • 14
    8000H4954 l.h. pipe
    This part is currently unavailable.
  • 15
    8000H4955 connecting pipe
    This part is currently unavailable.
  • 16
    8000H4956 water return pipe
    This part is currently unavailable.
  • 17
    8000H4957 pipe (l=115mm)
    This part is currently unavailable.
  • 18
    45135053000 gasket water pump cover 02 Supersedes: 8000H4589 (GASKET)
    This part is currently unavailable.
  • 19
    45135052000 water pump cover 50 lc 2002 Supersedes: 8000H4590 (PUMP COVER)
    This part is currently unavailable.
  • 20
    0025060106 hh collar screw m6x10 tx30 Supersedes: 0015060103 (HH COLLAR SCREW M6X 10 TX30) Price: $2.53
    In Stock
  • 21
    0603061001 cu-seal ring din7603-6x10x1 Supersedes: 8000H4591 (CU- SEAL RING DIN7603-6X10X1) Price: $1.63
    In Stock
  • 22
    45135058000 spring for water pump shaft 04 Supersedes: 8000H4583 (SPRING) Price: $1.63
    In Stock
  • 23
    45135054100 water pump shaft 50 lc 2007 Supersedes: 8000H4584 (WATER PUNP SHAFT) Retail: $35.82 Price: $32.24
    In Stock
  • 24
    46035057000 water pump bearing 10x19x5 Supersedes: 8000H7159 (BEARING 10X19X5) Retail: $26.34 Price: $23.71
    In Stock
  • 25
    46035058000 wa.pu.bear. 10x19x5 doublelip Supersedes: 8000H4585 (SCH. BALL BEARING 10x19x5) Retail: $29.58 Price: $26.62
    In Stock
  • 26
    46035056100 shaft seal ring 10x18x4 Supersedes: 8000H4586 (OIL SEAL 10x18x4)
    This part is currently unavailable.
  • 27
    46035055100 water pump wheel 60/65 '99 Supersedes: 8000H4587 (PUMP FAN) Retail: $11.00 Price: $9.90
    In Stock
  • 28
    0471090010 circlip din0471- 9x1 Supersedes: 8000H4588 (SEEGER 9E) Price: $1.34
    In Stock

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