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Motorcycle Shields

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Z1R Ace Helmet Shield Z1R Ace Helmet Shield Jamestownpastorjay - Greensboro, NC Ace Helmet Shield "I got this helmet from a friend when he sold his bike. It was brand new. The second day I had it I dropped it and put a horrible scratch right in my line of sight. So I begrudgingly ordered this replacement. It was more than I hoped for! Fits like a dream. Easily snapped right on. Clearer than the cleanest window! Great purchase. I will be back!"
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Shoei Pinlock EVO Insert For CNS-1/CW-1/CWR-1 Shield Shoei Pinlock EVO Insert For CNS-1/CW-1/CWR-1 Shield Andrew - Blacksburg, VA It works "I never used pinlocks in any of my other helmets and would just crack open the lid if it fogged up. After using this, I can say it works well on my RF-1200. Only had one instance where there was a tiny bit of fogging, but it went away almost immediately. I have a few gripes though: dust adheres to its surface super easily, such as dirt/road dust when you have your visor opens - which means you have to clean it often, which leads to my second gripe. It's super fragile, so adhere to the directions when it comes to cleaning it as it will scratch easily. Lastly, the price seems steep, but it's a Shoei product so... to be expected."
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