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Fly Racing Apex Leather Pants Fly Racing Apex Leather Pants Brian - Oregon Great pants "So I got the Apex jacket and pants to use for racing this year after losing a bunch of weight. They're both a bit lightweight in the leather and construction for full on racing (seams/stitching in high abrasion areas, and I'd like to see the leather go further toward the outside of the knee), but should still pass tech. It comes with full and back-only zippers that work with their jacket, along with the other side to the zips if you want to mate them with somebody else's. Of course, they'll be fine for track days and street riding. The airflow is really incredible, almost on par with wearing mesh, but with real abrasion protection and the ability to mount sliders.. Flexibility is great as well, I can do yoga in 'em. The fit is about on par with jeans (the waist and inseam are identical to my favorite jeans and they fit just right). The pants have velcro take-ups on the back and a fair amount of elastic. The calves have an expansion zipper so you can tuck inside your boots or wear them over. It's cut for a moderate sport/touring body position, but the flexibility means it's perfectly comfortable in a race tuck or more upright position too. Not too bad for walking around in, either. The knee armor will chafe a little, but that's been true of every pair of moto pants I've owned."
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AGV Sport Willow Perforated Leather Pants AGV Sport Willow Perforated Leather Pants Albert - Simi Valley,Ca my verdict "I'm very happy and satisfied with this quality riding pants designed in Italy. It will match my upper AGV leather jacket which will give me extra protection from road rash. I also ordered an AGV orange leather gloves to match these and my orange Busa. All of these have a lrg initial "A" on it since my first name is Albert (a personalized items made just for me)...ride safe !"
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