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Vega Motorcycle Modular

Most Recent Modular Reviews

Vega Summit II Modular Helmet Vega Summit II Modular Helmet Gross Vega Summit II "This is my fourth Vega Helmet II, The second one saved my life! Other vehicle made left hand turn,closing speed approximately 45 mph, landed on my head, destroyed the helmet, I'm here to write a favorable review!"
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Vega Vertice Modular Helmet Vega Vertice Modular Helmet Freelad - Louisville, KY, USA Great lid at a good price "40 plus years of motorcycles and helmets; this may be my favorite of all time. The modular design is such a better setup for me. Easy center push button to raise the bottom half of the helmet, makes it easier to get eye glasses on, lots of room for them. Very comfortable and light weight. I love the drop down aviator type shades, they work great. Lots of venting options for air flow around the shell of the helmet, and again, they work great, best summertime helmet I have. Close the vents in the cold stuff, and it holds heat fairly well while resisting fogging up. Really good straight on wind stability characteristics. Which brings us to the only negative, minor nag I got with this cranium cap, It is a little less stable than some when you turn your head sideways while riding at higher speeds. This may be the same reason it feels so true on the noggin when faced forward. it is slightly oblong front to back. Lovin it for many miles now Lewis"
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