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Motorcycle Suspension

Most Recent Suspension Reviews

Turner Performance Products Fork Bleeder Turner Performance Products Fork Bleeder kxdad - Ohio, USA Fork bleeders "Bought new ones for my race bike the old ones where the wrong color"
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All Balls Fork Bushing Kit All Balls Fork Bushing Kit Mark L - Cottage Grove, OR Went together fine, a lot of bits don't fit "None of the o-rings or copper washers included in the kit fit the fork on my 1995 cr125, except for the largest o-ring for the fork cap. Luckily, the old o-rings and copper washers were still viable somehow, although judging by the state of the oil in the forks, they may not have ever been rebuilt. The seals and bushings fit fine and work fine, but I shouldn't have to worry about whether or not the old bits that are supposedly included in the kit can be reused."
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Get your handling under control

The suspension on your bike is far more important than most people think. It's your connection to the road, it's what provides just the right amount of feedback from your wheels so you know exactly what your bike is doing, regardless of road texture or speed. It's the thing that will let you hang off your bike in the middle of a triple-digit-speed corner and have absolute certainty that it's not going to let go or do anything unpredictable, making you lose control. Plus, with the proper setup, the handling your bike will have is almost psychic, the bike diving into corners before you realize you're turning. We have what you need to either freshen up your stock suspension with new components, or replace your motorcycle shocks with one that's engineered to be the best.

Do you want the ultimate? The pinnacle of suspension engineering, renowned throughout the world as being the very best components you can buy? Look no further than our Ohlins section. Famous for its fitment on world-championship winning motorcycles and automobiles in every class of racing, Ohlins shocks, forks and Ohlins race steering damper provide the ultimate in control and confidence for riders of all types of machines.

We also have Progressive rear shocks, who predominantly make shocks for Touring/Adventure bikes and are known in those circles as some of the best for the job. Plus, they're engineered and manufactured in Southern California!

If you're doing a new rear shock, you can also replace your stock suspension links with adjustable ones, like the Sato Racing Adjustable Suspension Link Rod, adding to the range of customization you can work with! What these do is replace your stock ones with a threaded style, which makes it possible to very easily adjust your bike's ride height to your liking.

Just need to freshen up what you've got? We have motorcycle fork seal kits, steering head bearing kits and swingarm bearing kits from All Balls Racing. Replacing these if they're worn will instantly transform your bike, the impact on handling is that noticeable. Plus, if your fork seals are blown, you know how fun cleaning up fork oil is. We also have a good range of motorcycle suspension fluid, which will allow you to alter your suspension's rebound/compression if you have an older bike without external adjusters.