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Starlane Engear Digital Gear Indicator With Shift Light

Starlane Engear Digital Gear Indicator With Shift Light

reckow - Central MN Fast Indicator & Great Price! "I did some shopping and watched a lot of youtube videos before I made my decision on an indicatora. I installed mine on a 2006 zx-6r 636. Installation was pretty easy. I removed the windscreen then tapped into the wires behind the cluster and double face taped the indicator next to the cluster. I googled searched my clusters wiring diagram and found a forum that had it. Programing was easy thanks to good instructions. I actually road my bike to program it rather than doing it on a stand. The engear is really quick to change between gears. Judging by the other brands out there that go off speedo and tach I can say this has to be the fastest responding indicator. When I down shift it does get confused sometimes on what gear I am in but as soon as I give it gas it is quick to correct itself. I recommend this to anyone. It is easy to install, programming is a cinch, best price, and works great!"
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