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Show Chrome Grip Glue Show Chrome Grip Glue Jacob - Salisbury, PA 15558, USA Great product "It's a great product. It lasted a whole season with out any wire. Application is clean and easy. Stays wet long enough to place the grip where you need then dries quick to get you back on your bike"
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Show Chrome Bullet Fork Covers Show Chrome Bullet Fork Covers Tank - Orlando, FL, USA Great quality and craftsmanship "I had a set of the Competitor’s Brand and over time the chrome started peeling plus they held water and caused corrosion around my fork bolts. Upon receiving these, I noticed a pre drilled drain hole and the inside is made to accomodate the fork nuts, no filing down the edges of the bolts like the competitor’s brand and no corrosion this time. Like any good quality chrome for your bike, they’re not cheap but at least you get your money’s worth with these. Very happy with this purchase and I would recommend these to anyone."
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