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Show Chrome Motorcycle Miscellaneous Helmet Accessories

Applied Refinements



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Show Chrome Finger Visor Wiper Show Chrome Finger Visor Wiper ryanZ - Tacoma, WA, USA These are MUST! "If your riding in the rain these finger wipers are a must! Unless you have a glove with a built in wiper. Before using this product I would just turn my helmet to the side while riding to help clear off the water, however I didn't feel like that was a very safe thing to do a lot. I really was surprised at how well these work, just wipe your visor and its clear! Just like that, no little drops still obstructing your view. I like that it came in a multi pack, they are small and light weight so you can just keep one in your jacket packet and forget about it unless you need it and on the off chance you lose it, you've got two more ready to go!"
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