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Show Chrome Grip Glue Show Chrome Grip Glue quadracer373 - Summersville, WV, USA great glue "i use this glue for my Oury grips on a trx 450er. I race alot and this is the only glue ive found that will keep my grips secure. Highly recommend this product for any grip application."
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Show Chrome Peg System Show Chrome Peg System Cruisin - Easy and comfortable "I ordered these as an alternative to having forward controls put on my bike, which is really expensive if you're not comfortable doing it yourself! It seemed like the stock foot pegs were a little too small and I wanted some more foot support. I ordered these and they worked perfectly! They have adjustable angles for preferred foot positioning, and all you need is a hex wrench to adjust them. Installing them took about 10 minutes, and only because removing the little retaining pin that holds the pegs on is tricky. But that's all it took, remove the old pegs, use the original bolt and retaining pin to hold the center support for the mini boards, and then attach the mini boards at your desired angle. You might have to take a ride around the block to make sure the angle is good, but again, just keep a hex wrench with you and it takes a few seconds to loosen the bolt, tilt the boards, and then tighten it up. They're awesome, my rides are a lot more comfortable now, especially at highway speeds! Definitely recommend:)"
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