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6D Helmets ATR-1 Visor - Flo 6D Helmets ATR-1 Visor - Flo Brett630 - Michigan, USA Nothing quite like a visor that matches the helmet "I chose to buy another matching visor for my helmet while the matching visors were still available. I feel like this visor is more brittle than I would prefer, but I understand it is made that way to lessen neck injury. This is the only option if you want a visor that matches perfectly."
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HJC Helmet Shield - HJ-09 HJC Helmet Shield - HJ-09 Todd - Love it "My clear visor was scratched so in searching for a replacement, I decided to go with the smoke. I can see just as great as the stock clear visor but don't have to squint on a sunny day. Also harder for people to see who I am."
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