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Oxford Big Black Bike Rear Stand Oxford Big Black Bike Rear Stand Nick - Light weight for a cruiser. "I got it because it said Heavy Duty. Which gave me the impression it was, "Heavy Duty". However after getting it and reading the instructions. I found it has a 440 pound (200kg) weight limit. I don't know of any cruiser being that light. If you have a small bike it should work fine."
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MotoSport Aluminum Dirt Bike Stand MotoSport Aluminum Dirt Bike Stand Loomis - MI Great stand "This is a very nice stand. It’s lite weight and holds the bike very well. Has a nice large center cut-out for performing oil changes. Welds look very nice and I expect it to last a very long time."
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Maintenance Made Easy

One of the more tedious aspects to owning a bike is the maintenance. For some it can be a relaxing few hours and others it's a somewhat daunting task. Either way, a motorcycle stand makes routine oil changes, the nitty-gritty cleaning or more complex tasks much easier, less of a hassle and allows for a more thorough job.

A motorcycle stand gives you the option of raising the back, the front or the entire bike off the ground. Plus, your bike is upright rather than leaning to one side on the kickstand ?? this aspect alone makes it easier and much safer to work on that side of the bike. Motorcycle stands are sturdy, secure and allow a better eye view of what you're working on.

Increase the joy of motorcycle ownership and buy a motorcycle stand. You will also find additional helpful accessories like ramps, net gates for pick-up trucks and transport systems for hauling your bike.

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