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Racers Tape Surface Guard Tape Racers Tape Surface Guard Tape Chris - Boise, ID Super Clear! "Bought it for UV Protection of lenses on my "not top of the line" lightbars. Noticed it stretches easily during application, but easily remedied by using a small piece masking tape at one end to hold the tape straight and using a squeegee as you slowly remove the paper backing all the way to the other end. (Just like applying a vinyl sticker...) Only time will tell how well it protects from UV 'yellowing'. Will definitely buy again- will be installing lights and racertape on light bars getting installed on excavators and dump trucks. Seems durable enough to survive life on excavation equipment."
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Racers Tape Checkerboard Tape Racers Tape Checkerboard Tape Marcus - Brasil Looks Good! "Very nice product. Style, awsome and very good finish."
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