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ICON Replacement D3O CE Armor - Knees

ICON Replacement D3O CE Armor - Knees

Guzzi Guy - Portland, Oregon D3O "The ICON Replacement D3O CE Armor are made of D3O shock absorbing impact protection. D3O uses a combination of proprietary technologies to make rate-sensitive, soft, flexible materials with high shock absorbing properties. Nothing protects better than D3O® – which offers the thinnest and most advanced protection against impact. D3O® materials are made using a combination of advanced polymer chemistry and cutting-edge design. The materials are soft and flexible, with no compromise on comfort, but react differently when force is applied. D3O® absorbs and dissipates energy during an impact, reducing the amount of force transmitted to your body compared to standard foams."
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EVS R4K Race Collar

EVS R4K Race Collar

Chadcr250 Comfortable "Super light and you don’t even know your wearing it while riding"
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