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Progressive 412 Series Cruiser Dual Shocks Progressive 412 Series Cruiser Dual Shocks VTXEnthusiast - Laredo, TX, USA Progressive 412 Series Cruiser Dual Rear Shocks "I bought a pair of these shocks for my 2002 VTX 1800 about a month ago at MotoSport. The old shocks that I removed were the OEM ones that were installed on the bike in the factory. They would easily bottom out when I would go over pot holes in the road and they had rusted out. The new Progressive 412 Series rear shocks solved all my problems. I'm hoping that they'll last me a long time and give me years of good service. I've heard very good things said of these new shocks, but only time will prove to me how good they really are."
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Progressive Fork Spring Kit Progressive Fork Spring Kit Neil - Henderson, NV Fork spring length-2008 Honda 1300 VTXR "I was concerned when the new springs were 1 inch shorter than the stock ones. Didn't know if I got the right ones or not. I called MotoSport & they gave me the # for Progressive. After calling them & explaining, they told me not to worry. The springs are shorter, but a heavier wind than the stock springs. I put the springs in (as well as new seals & bushings) & the ride seems a bit better. Not as apt to want to bottom out. Haven't got to ride it much, so I don't know how long the new parts will last. The stock parts lasted around 47,000 miles, don't think i'll have the bike another 47 thou. But (as of now) I would recommend them."
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