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Motorcycle Gloves

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Alpinestars SP-2 Leather Gloves Alpinestars SP-2 Leather Gloves Touchdown - Walnut Creek, CA Hand Protection "This is my second pair. My first pair lasted 8 years before I wore through the leather is a few spots. I should probably have replaced them a year prior but they were so comfortable. My second pair fits a lot tighter but that is because they are new. Its like breaking in a baseball mitt. In about a month they will fit like a well worn glove. The construction, fit, protection from the elements is great. Fortunately, I've never crashed and had to truly test them!"
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100% iTrack Gloves 100% iTrack Gloves JasHutc78 - Atlanta Ga Eh I have had better! "I bought these a few weeks ago. Had one race in them. The worst gloves I have ever had. I wear my gloves pretty tight. These fit really good but after about 30 minutes in I had the worst blisters and the left glove lost on pulling off. Next gloves will be something with a wrist strap. When I finished the cuff of the glove was all ripped up."
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